Culture Insight technology for matching candidates to

Scientifically match a candidate’s values, preferences and personality to the culture of the hiring team with our unique candidate assessment tool


Simple-to-use and scalable technology for matching candidates to roles and teams

Psychometric assessments made simple

Assess candidate compatibility with the role you’re looking to hire them into. Compare their personality profile with the optimum traits of over 37,000 roles in the MyPeople role repository.

Get the views of those that matter most

Compare candidate cultural preferences to the culture of the hiring team. Our assessment tool quickly and easily collects the views of both parties to identify alignment and differences.

Improve the dialogue between hiring managers and candidates

Insights generated from the platform provide suggested interview questions specific to each candidate. Easily share access to the candidate reports with your clients to guide them through the interview process.

Learn what to shout about

Understand your Employee Value Proposition by learning what makes your culture great. The Culture EVP assessment identifies what your employees love about your culture, so that you can make the right noise to attract all the right people.

Guide hiring managers through the insight

Easily share comprehensive candidate reports with the hiring manager. Invite them to the live reports in just a few clicks,  or export only what they need to help them make the right decision for their team.

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Discover your organisation’s culture map and what it means for your bottom line. Learn how your culture is inhibiting your teams and what you can do to improve engagement, wellbeing, and productivity.

We work with you to strengthen the biggest driver of business performance, your people. Increase capabilities, transform your culture, and improve the sustainability of your people strategy.

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Perfect for Talent Professionals | HR Leaders | Managers