Driving decision-making throughout your entire talent cycle

MyPeople help organisations understand what’s unique about their workplace environment and culture. This enables them to hire the right people, create the right environment, and get the right results.


Drive retention, engagement, motivation and performance with the MyPeople Culture platform

Benchmark the ‘now’.

We believe the first step to creating a great environment for your people is understanding where you are now. Learn the strengths and risks of your current environment throughout your organisation, and you’ll discover what impact this is having on your talent and their performance.

Learn what to shout about.

Understand your employee value proposition by learning what makes your culture great. MyPeople identify what your employees love about your culture, so that you can make the right noise to attract all the right people.

The cost of burnout.

Learn the risk that burnout poses to your organisation and what can be done about it. Identify teams at risk of fatigue and reduced performance, as well as spotting potential flight risks before they become leavers.

Employee sentiment and how this compares.

Would your employees recommend your organisation as a place to work and why? Your people should be your greatest ambassadors, but how does their true sentiment compare to industry and what is the threat this could pose to your business?

Recruit for your culture profile.

Use your organisation’s culture profile to scientifically match a candidate’s values, preferences and personality to the hiring team. Ensure seamless integration from day one to maximise up to speed time and new hire productivity.

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Perfect for Talent Providers

Build trust with clients and candidates alike by really understanding the needs of both. Scientifically match a candidate’s values, behaviours and personality to the culture of the hiring team to ensure a great fit.

Perfect for Leaders and Managers

We work with you to strengthen the biggest driver of business performance, your people. Increase capabilities, transform your culture, and improve the sustainability of your people strategy.