Team Recruitment product.

Be confident that your new hires will fit the job role and company culture they’re employed for.


how do you ensure longevity in your candidate placements?

Team dynamics...

do you recognise the impact of adding a new personality into the mix?


are you assessing both the values of the organisation and those of your people?

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Hire the right people

Measure new hires for fit against the role they are hired for, and how well they will fit an organisations culture.


The power of personalities

Understand how different personalities fit together in teams and in the workplace, so you can find the right balance and diversity.

Culture and values

Evaluate if potential new hires align with your company culture to reduce staff turnover, improve engagement, and increase overall performance.


Build sustainable teams

Model team compositions and evaluate which individuals work best together, understand the talent and cost effects of adding or removing individuals to/from different groups.

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Improve up to speed times

Assess candidates for culture fit and increase the likelihood of new hires engaging with their colleagues and the organisation.


Understand your people

360° analytics with the full MyPeople product suite deployed, understand your existing teams better and improve your hiring strategy for the future.


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