Team Performance product.

Identify top talent, align your people strategies & goals, and improve employee productivity.

Resource planning...

can you easily analyse and identify inefficiencies within teams and redirect expertise to where it’s needed?

Performance reviews...

do your employees have access to frequent, timely, and unbiased multi-perspective feedback?

Training strategies...

are you personalising development plans for people who learn in various ways and at different speeds?

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Cultivate homegrown talent

Assess your current organisational capability and fill skill gaps, supporting individuals to realise their true potential.


Prepare your future leaders

Identify high potential employees and develop their abilities, equipping your people to handle challenges and prepare them for career progression.

Empower your people

Enable your employees to take control of their own performance and development, with regular 360° feedback from colleagues and mentors that recognise their development needs.


Patterns of performance

Understand what your top performers do to win and build these activities into development plans for others to create winning behaviours.

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Improve goal setting process

Measure goal completion rates by types of people/groups, visualise how goals work together to achieve growth and quantify progress towards company objectives.


Ongoing survey analysis

Automatically schedule and combine different types of performance reviews, run these in parallel with a comprehensive milestone approach.


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