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Incorporate the power of MyPeople Recruit into your workflow today by seamlessly evaluating candidates right from your Vincere CRM.

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The purpose of 100 & First is to use powerful, incredible real-life experiences as frameworks for you to create and drive your own change, whether that be personal, organisational or cultural. This is something we at MyPeople can get behind!

Learn how to use a data-led approach to best understand your individuals, teams & organisation, and understand how this enables you as a leader in your organisation. Contact MyPeople or 100 & First today to get started.

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Identify culture-fit and culture-add candidates as part of your recruitment process. Scientifically match a candidate’s values, behaviours and personality to the culture of the hiring team to understand their impact.

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Discover how your organisation’s culture map is impacting performance. Learn where and how to improve engagement, communication, wellbeing and productivity.
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We work with you to strengthen the biggest driver of business performance, your people. Increase capabilities, transform your culture and improve the sustainability of your people strategy.
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