Where is culture?

Stuart Lancaster, the previous England Rugby Manager, had a philosophy that “culture proceeds performance”. It was a slogan that was written on the walls around Twickenham. What this meant was that the delivery of sustainable performance requires the creation of the right environment and culture in order for it to thrive.

Can you measure Team IQ?

Working with successful teams in different sports, ‘team smarts’ or ‘team maturity’ is a recurring theme that emerges in discussions with elite coaches. This refers to knowing how and when to manage a game though the different phases of a game. This can take a variety of forms. For example, football coaches we’ve worked with…

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A word on culture, performance and England Rugby

When Stuart Lancaster managed England Rugby into the 2015 World Cup, the coaching team’s mantra was ‘Culture Underpins Performance’. Many other successful sporting teams share this philosophy and place significant emphasis on culture. However when Eddie Jones became manager of England Rugby, his philosophy for success was different: ‘Winning Breeds Culture’. But who has got…

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Annual performance reviews are dead – what now?

The trend to move away from annual reviews is gathering pace, with more and more global organisations like Deloitte already ditching this process. However, this leaves a void in employee, manager and organisational communication and reporting. What can replace the annual review and deliver a more effective methodology of measuring performance? Annual reviews don’t work…