Where is culture?

Stuart Lancaster, the previous England Rugby Manager, had a philosophy that “culture proceeds performance”. It was a slogan that was written on the walls around Twickenham. What this meant was that the delivery of sustainable performance requires the creation of the right environment and culture in order for it to thrive.

Everyday Loans deploys MyPeople platform to achieve business success through the aggregation of marginal gains

Everyday Loans, the leading branch-based provider of unsecured consumer loans, has deployed MyPeople’s new cloud-based employee performance management and engagement analytics platform after successfully completing a proof of concept pilot. Developed by the same analytics team that helped GB cycling, GB rowing and England Rugby to achieve outstanding success through the aggregation of marginal gains,…


Can you measure Team IQ?

Working with successful teams in different sports, ‘team smarts’ or ‘team maturity’ is a recurring theme that emerges in discussions with elite coaches. This refers to knowing how and when to manage a game though the different phases of a game. This can take a variety of forms. For example, football coaches we’ve worked with…


MyPeople enhances business leadership programmes for The Saracens Way

The Saracens Way, the business leadership arm of Saracens FC, has partnered with MyPeople Group, to enhance the range of programmes delivered to clients. The organisation will be the first to offer MyPeople’s new generation of analytics solutions that can track and measure improvements in both corporate culture and performance. This advanced analytics capability will…