About us.


Who we are.

Formed by a network of psychologists and data scientists who supported many elite sporting teams, we share a passion for bringing world class talent approaches into business.

MyPeople specialises in measuring the environmental, behavioural and psychological factors that affect team performance.

Working with teams such as England Rugby, Saracens RFC, numerous premier league football teams and the Philadelphia 76ers we have built ways to translate data-driven selection, team culture and wellbeing approaches into business.

Our mission is to create better team environments and empower people to develop and perform to the best of their ability.

How it works.

The MyPeople software helps you understand your culture, enables you to develop your people efficiently, and allows you to better assess the team fit of new hires.

Designed to address diverse workplace challenges, we deliver the critical insight needed for businesses to thrive and highlight where teams can grow.

Our easily accessible platform is simple to implement, use, and maintain. Providing automatically analysed data from any source, displayed via dynamic dashboards – significantly reducing unnecessary administration time and enables more informed decision-making to be made.


Organisations that build great teams with MyPeople

Our solutions


Perfect for Corporate Enterprise

Discover your organisation’s culture profile and what it means for your bottom line. Learn how it drives or inhibits your teams and how you can use it to inform decision-making throughout your entire talent cycle.


Perfect for Talent Providers

Build trust with clients and candidates alike by really understanding the needs of both. Scientifically match a candidate’s values, behaviours and personality to the culture of the hiring team to ensure a great fit.


Perfect for Leaders and Managers

We work with you to strengthen the biggest driver of business performance, your people. Increase capabilities, transform your culture, and improve the sustainability of your people strategy.

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