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Culture insight technology for recruitment, retention and performance

Who are MyPeople?

We believe that your culture is the key to engaging your people, maximising health and wellbeing and unlocking team performance.

With over 20 years experience using data-driven insight to build some of sport’s great teams, we understand what it takes to create, measure and grow cultures that enable your people to thrive.

MyPeople are the go-to providers of insight on the culture of organisations, whether that is in sport or business. Their tools are easy to use and generate deep actionable insight.

Head of Analysis, 2014-2018, British and Irish Lions

MyPeople help you generate and use Culture Insight to improve the recruitment process, the wellbeing of your teams, and ultimately, the performance of your people.

Culture Insight foryour people

Attracting your people

In a competitive hiring landscape, attracting the right people for your culture is more important than ever.

Discover what makes your culture great so that you can let all the right people know about it.

Selecting your people

67% of recruiters say culture fit is vital when hiring, and now you can use data to help identify the right people for the team.

Scientifically match a candidate’s values and personality to the culture of the hiring team with our unique assessment tool.

Retaining your people

Company culture is an often cited reason for employee attrition, particularly its impact on health and wellbeing.

Learn what impact your culture has on employee engagement, how this impacts attrition, and what you should do about it.

Enabling your people

Once you have the right people in the right place, it’s your culture that allows them to thrive.

The key to understanding how to help your people perform is understanding the conditions they need and how to create them.

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Our solutions



Identify culture-fit and culture-add candidates as part of your recruitment process. Scientifically match a candidate’s values, behaviours and personality to the culture of the hiring team to understand their impact.

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Discover how your organisation’s culture map is impacting performance. Learn where and how to improve engagement, communication, wellbeing and productivity.

Perfect for Talent Professionals | HR Leaders | RPOs | Managers



We work with you to strengthen the biggest driver of business performance, your people. Increase capabilities, transform your culture and improve the sustainability of your people strategy.

Perfect for Talent Professionals | HR Leaders | Managers

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