Building great teams.

Our software delivers insight and intelligence, enabling your teams to continuously improve and thrive.

Team Culture

Assess how your workplace environment is enabling or inhibiting your teams productivity.

Team Performance

Identify criteria that determines your high performers and improve your overall talent level.

Team Recruitment

Understand how new hires will fit your existing teams, facilitating more informed hiring decisions.

Why use MyPeople

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Understand and improve your teams

To be able to understand and improve your teams, you need joined up insights delivered through easy to use software that adapts with your needs.


Grow, scale and protect your organisations culture

Understand how this drives performance and aligns your departments & teams to the company vision.

Help your people to become great

Recognise different employee’s learning styles, in addition to strengths that need to be developed and weaknesses that must be addressed.


Be confident in your training plans

Evaluate the behaviours, engagement and rate of development your training initiatives are having on your teams – upskill people in the right way, at the right time!

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Enhance your hiring fit

Assess how new hires will fit within their new team structure and how they align with the current organisational culture.


Live & breathe your values – Don’t just write them on a wall

Understand which behaviours are exhibited throughout the organisation, recognise how well adopted your values are, and evaluate areas for improvement.


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