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MyPeople Group was formed by the analytics teams that supported GB Cycling, GB Rowing, England Rugby, the British & Irish Lions, Leicester City FC and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Our teams have contributed to more than 20 x World Championship titles, 20 x Olympic Gold medals, 1 x Rugby Six Nations Grand Slam, 3 x Six Nations tournaments wins, 2 x undefeated Lions tours, 1 x Premier League Football title and 3 x Tour de France wins.

MyPeople now specialises in helping organisations to create winning, high performance cultures in the business environment using approaches which have already proved successful in elite sport.

The MyPeople cloud-based relationship and performance analytics platform provides high levels of critical insight to help scale, protect or change organisational culture and performance.

What is Culture Management?

To really influence performance, organisations need to understand their people, teams, values and work practices. The MyPeople analytics platform has been honed from 20 years of supporting and creating high performance cultures in elite sport.

The platform uses the latest machine learning and data science approaches to help organisations measure how culture impacts performance. It helps ensure more invested employees, better company values adoption, more successful hiring and less employee churn.



Organisations with highly engaged employees average 18% higher productivity and 12% higher profitability than their competitors (Gallup, 2006).

MyPeople scientifically measures engagement and identifies actions to improve the employee experience whilst increasing organisational productivity and profitability.

How do I start scientifically understanding and improving employee engagement?


Sustained business performance requires the creation of a high performance culture. MyPeople has helped organisations such as GB Cycling, GB Rowing, England Rugby, the British & Irish Lions and the Philadelphia 76ers to achieve unparalleled levels of success through the adoption of high performance cultures.

We have applied this proven principle to achieving comparable results in the business environment.

Want to find out how to implement a high performance culture?


Our research shows that 72% of new employees list organisational culture as the number one reason they chose to accept job offers. Understanding your culture and hiring people to fit will enhance the recruitment process.

MyPeople’s unique cultural analytics tools provide detailed insights into business culture. We can positively impact the whole recruitment process by effectively matching and integrating new hires and reducing costs.

Want to improve your hiring success rates?


Research shows that organisations with strong values-based cultures outperform those without shared values.

MyPeople measures the adoption of enterprise-wide values and identifies which behaviours are enabling or disabling a high performance culture.

How do I achieve employee buy-in to our corporate values?


Proven expertise

With proven success in the sporting world, MyPeople’s experienced team will help you achieve the same high performance culture in the business environment.

We know culture

MyPeople provides insight into how work practices, company values and leadership approaches can help organisations retain high achieving performers, enhance the customer experience and drive business culture.

We provide a long-term technology platform

We combine the most innovative software approaches with social and data science to help you quantify and better understand your culture and your people.

We make a complex solution feel easy

You don’t have to be a data scientist to use the MyPeople platform – it is designed to be used by anyone.


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