MyPeople takes a new and different approach to performance management. We capture broad and deep performance data and turn it into a quantifiable measurement of organisational effectiveness. As a result, it transforms static performance reviews into active insight using multi-layered quantitative data about individual and team-based skills, development, business culture and more. Importantly, this cloud-based people analytics platform provides real-time performance management data on employees and teams. What is more, it also models optimum individual and team profiles.

``Getting performance, statistics and feedback processes working in harmony creates improvement.That's the MyPeople offer.``

Charlotte Edwards OBE
360° surveys

360 Surveys

MyPeople is a self-service performance management solution that generates detailed insights into individual skills and effectiveness. It uses the latest survey techniques to elicit feedback from employees about a specific individual.

MyPeople then generates anonymised 360 degree views detailing the performance of individual employees. This helps organisations to substantiate decision-making processes regarding training requirements, team assignments and promotions.

In addition, MyPeople Group provides a complete managed service making the performance management process quick and easy. This includes reports giving real-time insight into the individual performance of employees and teams.

Employee Potential

Identifying and measuring employee potential can be a hit and miss process as it is difficult to measure individual development rates. Knowing the core strengths and weaknesses of employees makes it easier to evaluate their suitability for promotions or managing teams,

MyPeople provides an effective performance management solution that measures and assesses individual employees in terms of:

Hard Skills – What they can do and their suitability for next role
Soft Skills – How they relate to other people
Communication Skills – Reporting up and down

The MyPeople platform measures the abilities of individuals and adds historical performance data for greater insight into their potential.

Hiring decisions are also improved by knowing the speed at which individual employees will move from enthusiastic new starters to realising their full capabilities.

Performance Reviews

The MyPeople platform enables every staff at every level to participate in the performance management process.

The system provides expert-recommended, best-practice questions that are quick and easy to use. These can be customised to accommodate the different terminologies and cultures of individual organisations. IAlternatively, bespoke surveys can be created or existing paper-based processes can be incorporated.

The MyPeople platform scales to meet the performance management requirements of even the largest organisations – this is where there is the greatest need to achieve consistency in the way that employee appraisals are conducted. Importantly, qualitative performance management data is collected in a unified way to minimise subjective bias. This ensures greater consistency to maximise and enhance enterprise-wide performance.

performance reviews


It is clear that appropriately skilled employees improves the chances of business success. Smaller companies usually find it easier to identify employees with specific and appropriate skills. However, this can be more of a challenge in larger organisations.

MyPeople delivers quantitative and factual performance management data that enables organisations to make the right decisions. What is more, it enables stored employee data to be searched for the specific characteristics that have been identified as being important performance factors for any particular role in terms of:

  • Language
  • Qualifications
  • Hard/soft skills
  • Performance

MyPeople is unique in allowing this level of integration for performance management data on a single platform.


Talent Equity

It has always been a challenge to measure the impact of employee skills and culture on organisational success and profitability.

The MyPeople platform makes this easy. It enables the potential and performance of employees to be better managed using quantitative data. Further benefits are delivered by providing a clearer picture of current organisational capability. In addition, it can determine the impact on performance, productivity and profitability when adding new employees.

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