NewsAviva Premiership Rugby Champions 2018

The Saracens Way, the business leadership arm of Saracens FC, has partnered with MyPeople Group, to enhance the range of programmes delivered to clients. The organisation will be the first to offer MyPeople’s new generation of analytics solutions that can track and measure improvements in both corporate culture and performance. This advanced analytics capability will complement the delivery of business leadership programmes based on the core values, performance and culture that have propelled Saracens FC to winning the English Premiership title four times, the European championship twice and, in the process, becoming one of Europe’s elite rugby teams.

“This partnership with MyPeople will enable us to provide clients with detailed insights into how our leadership programmes have such a fundamental impact on changing business culture and delivering business success,” commented Will Fraser, Director of The Saracens Way. “MyPeople will enable us to demonstrate how relationships, teamwork and culture can transform organisational performance and employee satisfaction.”

The MyPeople cloud-based reporting tool was developed by the same people that helped Team Sky Cycling and Team GB’s rowing squad to achieve outstanding success through the aggregation of marginal gains and applies the same principles to achieving comparable results in the business environment. Uniquely, the MyPeople tool tracks and measures culture changes and performance improvements, providing detailed insights into ‘cultural strength’ and the role that individuals play in translating this into business success. It overcomes the drawbacks of traditional personality testing applications which focus on the individual rather than the group as a whole.

According to MyPeople Group: “We are pleased to be partnering with The Saracens Way which is pioneering a new approach in the delivery of business leadership programmes. This new generation reporting tool uses the latest machine learning and predictive modelling to deliver a comprehensive ‘big picture’ view of all employees to enhance training, workforce scheduling and succession planning whilst bringing a new level of understanding to organisations.”

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