The MyPeople cloud-based employee engagement platform provides HR with the information it needs when recruiting, increasing leadership development or ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

The platform delivers detailed insights across a range of key metrics including employee engagement, performance and retention. It also provides quantified predictions of individual development rates with scientifically-based role matching of training and development approaches. MyPeople drives active learning and development across the organisation.

``Understanding performance is about good measurement approaches. MyPeople provides the simplest and most powerful tool I've seen to achieve that in business.``

Craig Bowie, former GB sailor


MyPeople’s scientific personality surveys cross reference with performance, engagement and development rates. This enables profiles of top performers to be built and better understand team success factors.


MyPeople’s uniquely flexible Values Surveys are completed by employees at every level to measure the adoption and application of organisational values. They provide a better understanding of the positive and negative behaviours that drive performance and engagement.

Team Dynamics

MyPeople’s unique Team Dynamics modelling tool enables organisations to review the optimum team set ups and understand how people are achieving results. It simulates the impact on performance and productivity when adding a specific individual to a team. The tool also scientifically measures workplace culture in terms of mood, organisational and social capital, personality, values and engagement.



MyPeople measures skill development rates based on individual qualifications, hard and soft skills and how these are linked to performance. It tracks employee development rates and helps to determine their suitability for promotion – traditionally a gut-feel and guesswork process.

Development Rate

The MyPeople platform tracks individual employee development rates. It also provides insights to translate this potential into performance.

Development rate

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