MyPeople is a cloud-based HR platform that captures data in a scientifically helpful format to improve engagement and performance. With an Open API, the platform integrates with all commonly used HR systems to maximise the use of corporate data. It provides a total picture of an organisation’s workforce and how it is operating.

MyPeopleManager centralises the storage and management all HR-related documentation. Flexible and easy to use, it meets the statutory and compliance requirements of smaller organisations wanting having to change the way that employees are managed.

Simple, easy to use and effective.

Holiday Booking

MyPeopleManager automates holiday booking processes freeing up staff to focus on more productive activities. This self-service cloud-based HR platform handles accrued leave and annual leave quotas with automated approval systems and reminders. It also automates the management of zero hour contracts, hourly leave booking, maternity and sick leave.

holiday booking
documents and policies

Documents & Policies

MyPeopleManager improves the management of all employment documentation and policies for instant access from a single, secure location, This enables HR departments to efficiently track that contracts have been viewed and signed by employees.

Employee Information

MyPeopleManager stores all employee information such as emergency contacts, salary history and role history in a single, secure location.

employee information

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