HR Key Features

Complete HR Management

MyPeople is an agile, cloud-based, predictive and interactive system – engaging to use anywhere, anytime, on any device. Beautifully-designed to bring value to both the employer and employee, it’s the only mobile and tablet-friendly platform for your core HR, Recruitment, Applicant Tracking and Talent Management functions – as easy to use as an iPad and giving you the power to identify, recruit, develop and retain the best a c people for your business. The end game? You’ll achieve exceptional organisational performance and optimum productivity.



Full Record Keeping

Core HR record-keeping; employee self-service and joyful intuitive user experience.

Structured Organisational Charts – Company, Department & Team charts, visualising your entire company at-a-glance.

Target Groups – allowing you to target individual employees or groups.

People Analytics – beautiful and powerful employee analytics.


100% Automation

Automated Absence Workflows, from Requests to Approvals, providing email and task notifications as well as automated accruals and configurable entitlements.

Company & Employee Entitlement, configurable and adjustable at both Company and Employee level.

Absence Types – holiday, sickness, special and parental leave (including configurable reasons for leave).

Absence Analytics – detailed visibility showing instances and reasons within specific time periods.



Powerful Insights

Powerful, insightful Performance Reviews, customisable reviews that measure objectives, values, potential, skills and behaviours, enabling you to improve individual and company results.

Employee & Manager Engagement, a two-stage performance review process, so employees and managers can fully engage for better results.

Historical Review Comparisons, tracking individual development over a comparative time period.

Performance Analytics, comparing reviews and scores against Team, Department and Company, utilising cascading goals, engagement surveys, 360-degree reviews, peer reviews, milestone management and automatically-generated individual development plans.


Live analytics

Drive Culture And Vision

A Suite of Live Information to drive your company culture and vision, highlighting bottlenecks, guiding your processes and workflows.

Hierarchical Reporting: Company, Department, Team & Employee-based reports, focusing on top-performing talent, team performance and impact of sickness.

Configurable Data, through adjustable date ranges, on a team or individual employee basis.

Real Data to Grow your Company:
Information of real value, to optimise your growth.

End-to-end recruitment

Manage Your Process

Manage your process from beginning to end: from creating vacancies to applicant tracking and best-practice document storage.

Internal & External Job Boards – advertise internally and externally from a single destination, to attract and engage top talent for every role and department.

Applicant to Employee’ Integration: seamless integration of successful applicants into your employee database.

Recruitment Analytics, giving you historical insights into recruitment trends and hiring ratios across Teams, Departments and Company.


Document Management

Everything In One Place

ALL Company and Employee HR documents stored in one place (and very easily maintained).

Employee Lifecycle: a seamless document flow through the employee journey, from Applicant to Employee.

Fully-integrated, encompassing Recruitment, Absence Management and Performance.

Targeted Documents, enabling you to distribute specific documents to key Employees, Teams or Departments.