MyPeople is one of the world’s most advanced two-way employee engagement analytics platforms. This cloud-based HR tool makes it easy to communicate directly with employees at every level. It enables organisations to understand more about the level of employee motivation, engagement and culture. The platform also predicts pathways and initiatives to further improve engagement, helping to drive greater performance and productivity.

``People engagement is mission critical to performance. MyPeople provides the best system and engagement surveys I've worked with.``

Will Fraser, Saracens Rugby

The Psychological Contract

MyPeople’s engagement survey is unique and measures the investment of both employer and employee in what is called the psychological contract. Derived from assessing and organising some of the most successful sports teams, this contract measures the social and leadership capital and provides industry benchmarks to identify the key areas where improvements can be made. Used in combination with MyPeople’s customisable performance reviews and mood measurement and personality tracking, organisations gain a better understanding of where change should be implemented and development measured.

MyPeople measures how much employees feel valued and wanted in terms of:

Psychological Safety

  • How safely can they communicate across the organisation?
  • How freely they can communicate?

Job Capital

  • How valuable is their role to the organisation?

Social Capital

  • Strength of relationships in the organisation?
  • Level of social investment in the team?

Leadership Capital

  • Level of personal investment in organisation leaders?

Organisational Capital

  • Alignment with organisational culture?
  • Commitment to what the organisation does?


Do you really know how your employees feel at any time?

The MyPeople platform captures the mood of employees at predetermined times, whether this be weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

Captured data can be linked to other measurements to determine the impact of change across the organisation and optimise the drivers of business success in real-time.

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