Analytics Key Features

Complete Business & Employee Insight

MyPeopleData is a cloud-based reporting tool providing in-depth analytics and predictive modelling. Designed using Machine Learning and with a beautiful design, a whole new level of understanding will be brought to your organisation. Bringing together data from the different aspects of people management, including employee performance and engagement, recruitment, as well as strategic business metrics, you’ll get a comprehensive big picture view of your people. Configurable monitoring and alerting lets you keep on top of key metrics, and predictive modelling helps with actionable decision making for training and development, workforce modelling, and succession planning. The end game? You’ll achieve exceptional organisational performance and optimum productivity.

Recruitment & Succession Planning

Hire the Right People, For the Right Roles

Using pioneering psychometric profiling, applicants can be assessed against the role they’re applying for, the team they’ll be joining, or the organisation ideals.

This identifies those that share the company’s values, fit the team dynamic, or suit the demands of the role.

Not only that, but on-boarding approaches, development plans, and career progression can all be tailored specifically for the new recruit.

Succession candidates can be identified and ranked, with training plans proposed to enable swift cover.


Performance & Talent Analytics

Understand the Contribution of Your People

MyPeopleGroup’s unique Talent EquityTM score per individual uses a specially designed algorithm to assess the rate of development of each person, their potential for improvement, and assesses how quickly they are actualising their potential into performance.

All information on an individual’s performance profile is comparable to other employees, and contributes to the overall talent equity of your organisation.

Flight Risk Profiling

Secure Your Talent

Business, team and individual risks are flagged and the impacts are visualised.

Potential causes for attrition can preempted.


Development Planning & Modelling

Nurture Your People, to Shape Your Business

Model the impact of training courses, coaching, and development approaches on future performance of an employee, team, department, or the whole organisation.

Key areas for improvement can be identified, and the best course of action determined.

Configurable Dashboards

The Information You Need, in The Place You Need It

Fully customisable reporting dashboard where key KPIs are pinned so that you never lose sight of what matters most to you.

Using our recommended KPIs and your own, alerting parameters can be configured for each KPI and important relationships can be identified.

This means when a KPI or a group of KPIs shifts outside of their parameters you’ll be notified with further actions suggested.

Geographical Insight

Global Coverage of Your Whole Organisation

Quickly view performance, development and well-being of your people by location using our easy map navigation tool.


Structured Organisational Insight

Hierarchical Coverage of Your Whole Organisation

Easily configurable org charts allow for easy colour-coded performance or development scores with easy navigation to key individual data.