The MyPeople Story

MyPeople is a class-leading performance management and employee engagement analytics platform for business.  It was created by the analytics team that helped GB cycling, GB rowing and England Rugby to achieve outstanding success through the aggregation of marginal gains. MyPeople applies this proven principle to achieving comparable performance improvements in the business environment.

As one of the most advanced people analytics platforms, MyPeople generates unique levels of insight into employee engagement, performance management and business culture. This enables organisations to start a dialogue with employees using pulse engagement, performance, satisfaction, employee potential and value surveys.

Uniquely, MyPeople tracks and measures the impact of culture on performance. It shows the ‘cultural strength’ within an organisation and the role that both individuals and teams play in translating this into business success.

MyPeople generates people data and transforms it into meaningful predictions to improve organisational decision-making processes. It also helps to align employees with commercial strategies.

The detailed insights include:

  • Calculated development rates for each employee
  • Strength of bonds between employees
  • Strength of bonds between organisation and employees
  • Employee motivation and engagement
  • Patterns in employee mood, engagement and performance
  • Personality make up of ideal teams
  • Key organisational performance drivers

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