What We Are

Passionate About Optimum People Performance

MyPeopleGroup offer a leading performance management platform, created by a team of psychologists with experience working with Olympic sports teams. Using the methods and data analysis approaches that have helped GB Olympic teams achieve medals, MyPeopleGroup will help your teams to achieve their potential. Simple to use, secure in the cloud and easy to integrate, it provides you with strategic insight into where your organisation has come from, where it is now, and where it could go. At the heart of the platform are:

  • Advanced recruitment profiling using psychometric analytics
  • Pioneering performance monitoring and development planning
  • Comprehensive employee engagement and wellbeing tracking
  • Agile Talent retention and succession planning
  • Interactive workforce modelling
  • A complete HR tool to enable effortless HR management

Sophisticated, scientifically tested and beautifully designed
– Understand your organisation like never before!

What We Do

People Analytics & HR Management

MyPeopleData provides strategic organisational insight to give you a clear picture of not only where you currently stand with the talent at your disposal, but more importantly where you could go. Using scientifically designed principles and metrics adapted from the world of sport with the help of Machine Learning, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the far reach of all people matters right through to your organisation’s bottom line.

MyPeopleManager propels you, your people and your team to achieve and excel – together. More than ‘just’ reducing costs and time with automated HR processes and workflows, it’s the only system that gives you an objective measure of the health, performance, development and engagement of your employees, including real-time reviews of how your people are doing.


Gain comprehensive insight into the performance of your people and an understanding of required development planning.


Understand the satisfaction and health of your workforce, and what that means for productivity.


Identify the top talent in your recruitment pool, pick the best fit for your teams, and prevent your people taking their talent elsewhere.


Identify the career trajectories of your talent, and understand how to get them there.


Interact with your org structure to understand the impact of change on the performance of your people.


Rest assured, help is at hand with our amazing support team. Dedicated to helping you every step of the way.


We do all the work to ensure your data is securely extracted, transformed, and loaded into our platform.


Designed to be used on the go, as well as in the office.

The MyPeople Platform

Advanced Talent Analytics & HR Management
  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Joyful and intuitive user experience
  • Full support of third party integrations.
  • Highly secure and highly available
  • Made with love, care and attention to detail